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my biography

The SHORT list...

1957:             Mario Delano Walzberg born on 6 September
1967-1970: singer in choir 'Haags Matrozenkoor'
1971:             started playing the guitar
1973-1994: singer in several bands (LifeWire, Backwards Overgear a.o.)
1977:             started first recordings on taperecorder
1985:             married to Karin (daughter Lori born in 1985, daughter Emily born in 1988)
1994-1995: singer/arranger in vocal group '4-Out!'
1996:             married to Vera (son Levy born in 1996)
1996-2005: duo (as a singer) with pianist Theo van Hulst
1998:             started digital recording, together with Theo van Hulst, in my livingroom :-)
2001:             produced the (cover-) cd 'Together'; the title-song I composed myself
2006:             produced the (cover-) cd 'After all"
2006-2007: performed as a (cover-) singer with pianist Jan de Bloeme
2007:             moved from The Hague to the small village of Wateringen, opening large(r) studio
2009:             (and on:) coached singers
2011:             a song I wrote together with Ronn van Etten, was broadcasted on national TV!
2012:             wrote a syllabus 'Singing.in the studio' (for a 2-day theoretical and practical workshop)
2012-2015: composed and arranged songs with pianist and drummer Jaap van Beek
2013:             Vera Kramer joined in writing songs with me and Jaap
2013:             founded the music writers guild 'TrippleNotes' with Vera and Jaap
2014:             TrippleNotes produced 8 self-composed (English) songs on the cd 'In the here and now'
2014:             launched website www.TrippleNotes.nl
2015:             TrippleNotes produced 6 self-composed (Dutch) songs on the cd 'TrippleNotes NL'
2016:            wrote several songs with Vera Kramer
2015:             launched the website www.Walzberg.com
(still under construction, just like me :)
2018:            Together with Ronn van Etten I wrote the protest song "Here we stand". It's about                       how the native population of America (the Indian people) are treated by their                       gouvernment. A poem written by Madison Walzberg (a 'distant' cousin of mine who
                      lives in the USA) inspired us to write this song.
2019/2020: wrote a few dance-songs with my step-son Jesper Karduks

The list goes on... I'm still writing and sometimes publishing songs...

And throughout the years I kept performing as a solo-ist a few times a year.

The LONG story...

I did my first vocal chords excersize right after I was born on September 6th, 1957. I lived in The Hague in The Netherlands until 2007. At the age of 10, I joined the 'Haags Matrozenkoor' (a famous boys choir in The Hague) with whom I travelled to several countries, like Poland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.
From my sixteenth onwards I sang in several coverbands like LifeWire, Backward Overgear and some other nameless bands. With the bands we performed in many places in The Netherlands, on big stages as well as in small pubs. We mostly played rock&roll, blues, pop, rock and ballads. For a very short period of time I sang with The Clarks, a famous Dutch coverband, (then) mainly playing music from the '60 s and '70's .

I started playing the guitar at the age of 14. That later on formed the basis for my songwriting, mostly ballads and melodical music, where vocal arrangements, especially polyphonics, had my special interest.

After over 20 years of singing in bands, I found a new challenge in setting up the vocal group '4-Out!'. Members were Vera Maas (she later became my wife), Jenny van der Horst, Judith Alkema and me.
I wrote the vocal arrangements for the 4 voices, which I sometimes guided by guitar.

In 1996 the idea arose to make my own digital recordings. Until that time I did my recordings with a quadraphonic Akai taperecorder. I started learning and investing more and more in quality software, equipment and microphones, like the world famous Neumann microphones! (Nowadays I still collect old microphones, it's a virus I can't shake off it seems... :-)

Since 1998 I dug deep into digital recording with friend and pianist Theo van Hulst.
In those days the whole recording-thing took place in my livingroom.

We also formed the duo 'TheMa'. We didn't perform much, but did release our first CD entitled 'Together' in 2001. Only containing coversongs, except for the title-song I wrote, 'Together'.

In 2006 we released our second CD, 'After All', which only contained coversongs.

After that our ways parted because Theo intensified his study in software programming.

The next few years I performed regularly with pianist Jan de Bloeme. We played covers of mostly ballads. Nowadays I perform only a few times a year, with backingtracks and my guitar.

Over the years composing, arranging and recording became my main interest. Writing music for third parties also became a more common activity. In 2011 one of my songs (‘The Four Seasons’) was broadcasted on national television, in the tv-show 'Junior Songfestival', a singing contest programme channeled by the AVRO.

The list of my own productions grew steadily. Most songs I wrote myself, but some songs I co-wrote with friends / musicians. One of them, Ronn van Etten, a close friend and multi-instrumentalist, took part in some of my songs as an arranger, guitarist and singer. Also Vera Kramer, a gifted singer-songwriter, added to my songs.

Due to a health problem, my "office-career" as a manager and advisor at the Department of Justice ended in 2006. Ever since I commit most of my time to making music, no more or less than my energy allows me to. My wife Vera took over all the commercial activities in the studio, which had developped gradually.

I developed a coaching-plan for singers and bands. Since 2009 I coached different female singers, amongst others Angela Wasef (who in 2010 was a contestant performing in a broadcast by The Voice Of Holland), Sandra, another Angela and Cher Kay (winner of the local contest 'Dorps Got Talent'.
The coaching-plan is focussed on earning money by regularly perfoming in public in a professional way, and to get known to by a broad public, as well as doing studiowork as a singer. An individual coaching plan can be very comprehensive or just focussed on some elements.
Making soundrecordings and video's are instruments used to explore and expand and to achieve progress in singing and performing.

In 2012, I wrote a syllabus 'Singing.in the studio', as a basis for a partly theoretical and partly practical two day workshop.

In 2012 a musical collaboration started with drummer and pianist Jaap van Beek. He came to me with a concept for a tribute song "Farewell my friend". With the creativity and skills of Jos Geluk, a renowned musical music composer, we developed the song into a complete orchestral version, including a variety of classical instruments and even a complete choir (the "Residentiekoor")!
After that Jaap and I wrote several songs together. On occasion Jos, guitar player Sander Bus and my son Levy Walzberg contributed to our songs.
In 2013 Vera Kramer, a talented singer-songwriter joined us in writing and recording songs. Vera also contributed with several songs she wrote.

As a music writers guild under the name TrippleNotes, founded in 2013, the three of us launched our first cd in december 2014: 'In the here and now', with mainly lyrical and romantical songs, but a little bit of rock as well. All songs are in English

A second cd followed in august 2015: 'TrippleNotes NL', with all songs in the Dutch language. The music on this cd is more suitable for theater performers, musicals and cabaret.

All our songs can be heard on YouTube. Just look for the "TrippleNotes" channel.

After launching our second cd Jaap decided to focus (more) on his classical piano study, so TrippleNotes continued with only Vera and me. Jaap would stay available though for occasional piano arrangements 'on special request'.

Nowadays TrippleNotes can consist of different musicians, in various formations, depending on the song we're working on. That's why multi instrumentalist Bas Riedé was asked to add a pedal steel guitar to one of our latest songs 'Holding hands', and a mouth organ to another - customized- version of our earlier released song 'First love'. Klaas van Rijt appeared on our first CD with his banjo in the song ‘Like You Are’. But the list goes on: Lenny Mesir (singer), vocal group Class Act, guitarist Sander Bus, Madeleine Braakman (soprano), Levy Walzberg (guitar, drums, piano, bass) and the Residentiekoor Den Haag all contributed in some way to different songs of our first album. And many others will follow, we hope...
All TrippleNotes' music can be found on their own YouTube-channel, as well as on SoundCloud.

How about recent activities?
In 2019 I published a large file on YouTube, containing almost 3 hours (about 50 of my own songs and collaborations), see :
In addition, several of my own productions can be found elsewhere on YouTube and on my own website www.walzberg.com, while some are available on Spotify.
But I'm still busy writing songs, so that overview isn't complete anymore.

Now at 63 years of age I'm still hooked on making music, in various music styles. Composing, arranging, writing lyrics, singing, sometimes playing guitar, recording, mixing, mastering, producing, coaching.... it's all in my vains.
My composing is ery much helped by the awesome possibilities of todays technology like the presence of high quality sampled instruments. They provide a world of possibilities!

Something nice to tell about?
My coaching of Michelle Dorlas.
She's a talented upcoming singer who was heard on regional radio and TV (Westlandse Omroep Stichting WOS), and will soon be seen on TV again. You can find her songs (covers and specially written for her songs by Jaap van Beek and me) on Instagram and the YouTube channel "Michelle Dorlas", as well as on Spotify.

My music preferences?
They cover a wide range: mostly the somewhat 'calmer' music styles, romantic, melancholic, polyphonic vocals, jazz, ballads, classical, rock, pop etc.
Any examples (musicians): Too many to mention!

For real:
Some personal details about me:
I'm married to Vera since 1996.
I am a son (yeah, right!), father, grandfather, brother, uncle and cousin.
My nickname is Ojo.
My hobbies are music (realy?!), some graphic design, and some very occasional woodcarving.
The last couple of years I've also been busy writing life histories/stories (released in book form).
My latest interest lies in tinkering with mopeds (like I did when I was 16-17 years old).

More important than all my interests and activities is my family: my now 83 years old mother, my brother and sister, my wife, my children and grandchildren, and also some distant relatives.
And let's not forget my sweet dog Dobro :)

I learned a lot about all aspects of organizations and the way they change. But I learned more about changes in life in 'The school of life'.
I worked many years as a civil servant in different jobs as a (proces-)manager and as an advisor. More about that you can find on LinkedIn.

Making music taught me most. All aspects of life come together in that.
Music is and will always be my biggest passion!

Be safe, healthy and happy!

Greetings from
Mario Walzberg